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Innovation Matters 2023

placeholderA Message from the Dean

As the academic year begins, I often take stock of past semesters.  What worked and how do we continue those successes?  In what areas is there room for improvement?  The cycle of reflection and adjustment is one that has broad utility not only for our classrooms, but also for our research agendas and personal lives.  The social needs addressed in the stories of this issue are varied—from homelessness and substance use, to dismantling stigma and building a larger mental health workforce.  But one of the threads that binds this work is the way my colleagues and I employed unique and unconventional approaches to some deeply-rooted challenges.  My hope is that by reading these stories, you too are inspired to consider uncommon solutions.

— Philip Osteen, PhD
Dean & Professor

Innovation Now

Innovate With Us

The University of Utah College of Social Work is currently seeking dynamic tenure-track and career-track faculty candidates to contribute to the strategic growth of the College. A leader in social work education in the Intermountain West, we offer an inclusive and challenging learning environment where BSW, MSW, and PhD students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty, peers, and community partners in analyzing and resolving critical social challenges.  Find out more here!

Last Updated: 9/19/23