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Welcome to the Women's Risk Needs Assessment Research Professor Emily Salisbury's lab at the Utah Criminal Justice Center (UCJC) College of Social Work University of Utah.

We strive to conduct rigorous research that informs efforts to prevent women from cycling in and out of the criminal justice system, and to improve the lives of system-impacted women. The suite of Women's Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) instruments are the only validated, peer-reviewed risk/need instruments in the public domain specifically designed by and for system-impacted women. The WRNA not only measures women's specific criminogenic needs, but also their strengths, to drive a comprehensive, holistic case-plan designed to work alongside women and their gender- and trauma-responsive treatment and supervision.

The WRNA was originally created through a cooperative agreement between the National Institute of Corrections and the University of Cincinnati through research conducted by Patricia Van Voorhis, Emily Salisbury, Emily Wright, and Ashley Bauman. The instrument is now managed by Dr. Emily Salisbury at Utah Criminal Justice Center (UCJC), College of Social Work University of Utah. For more information about the WRNA, please contact Emily Salisbury at

The WRNA is a public-domain instrument. However, there are conditions of use, a license agreement, and training costs associated with its implemenation. A license/user agreement issued by the University of Utah must be signed by any interested agency before WRNA training can occur.

The Utah Criminal Justice Center offers online, interactive WRNA end-user training with self-paced and live learning sessions.


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Last Updated: 12/1/23