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Interdisciplinary School Mental Health Training Grant - Eligibility and Information

Implementing a Culturally Responsive and Collaborative Interdisciplinary School Mental Health Training Program to Support Spanish Speaking Communities


This grant from the United States Department of Education provides two years of funding at $36,000 per year. Additional coursework is required—specifically, grant specific seminar and practicum courses and a Spanish for Mental Health Professionals course. Funding does not require assistantship activities. As a condition of acceptance, the USDoE requires recipients to work in Utah schools for an equal amount of time as funding received. Thus, recipients are expected to commit to work in Utah schools for two years following graduation from the program. Students will be selected from the MSW program and School Psychology programs.



  • Year 1 (fall /spring 2024-2025) Students will complete a practicum in any setting but must attend monthly seminars, commit to a minimum hour requirement in a school, and collaborate on a project in the spring semester.
  • In the Summer semester, students will be required to register for and participate in an in-person summer course: Spanish for Mental Health Providers (3CR).
  • Year 2 (fall/spring 2024-2025) Students will be required to complete a school-based practicum in Salt Lake or Granite School Districts.
  • Students will be required to provide two years of service to a publicly funded school district post-graduation.


  • MSW students in the grounded two-year program
  • MSW three-year students if residing in a geographic area that can accommodate attendance at monthly meetings (some of which will be facilitated in-person at the University of Utah) AS WELL as accommodate a second-year practicum placement in a Granite or Salt Lake City School District school.
  • Because declared UOnline students are only able to register for UOnline courses (sections 290, 291, etc.), and do not have the option to register for main campus courses, including those delivered asynchronously online, U-Online students are not eligible for this grant.
  • Also, please note that students cannot receive more than one Department of Education Funded grant, and should not apply for BOTH the IPEP and the school mental health fellowship. If you need additional information regarding the better fit, please read through the information and/or reach out the Principal Investigators


This grant provides a $36,000 stipend each year for two years (i.e., 2024-2026). A tuition benefit may be included with participation in this grant, providing 24 hours of tuition remission per year. Please note that the College of Social Work cannot make any guarantees that an applicant will be eligible for a tuition benefit as this tuition benefit will be administered through the grant not the College of Social Work.

Please note that students will be required to both COMPLETE the program AND commit to a two-year service obligation in a publicly funded school. If a student does not meet these requirements, they will be required to reimburse the grant funding.

Questions regarding the tuition benefit OR the program should be directed to

If you are interested in applying for this grant, please complete the application and information sheet.


Last Updated: 4/5/24