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Social Work MSW Advanced Practice Permission Codes

(6000 Level SW Courses)

Read prior to submission:

  1. This form is only for area of focus Advanced Practice courses (Advanced Standing and 2nd year MSW students), sections 001-099 only.
  2. Course sections 630, 730, 830, etc are reserved for other cohorts and may not be requested. Students requesting these sections will not receive a response.
  3. Do not use this form for Reflexive II or electives. These courses use the waitlist function and students requesting permission codes for these classes will not receive a response.
  4. Part-time students: Do not use this form. Permission codes will be sent to you by your advisor.
  5. You may only request permission codes for courses/sections that no longer have open seats available.
  6. Do not ask instructors for permission to add their class, and do not email Social Work faculty or staff for permission codes.
  7. All responses will be sent to the requester's Umail.
  8. Do not send multiple requests; it will prolong the process
  9. Requests are processed in the order received, and students requesting a course in their area of focus have priority.  However, please know that it will take time for all code requests to come in, and for advisors to work through the requests. Please be patient. Students requesting a permission code for a Practice class outside their area of focus may need to allow for a longer response time.
  10. Permission codes are single-use only. Do not share them.
  11. Students are not guaranteed to receive a permission code for requested courses or sections. Advisors will work on alternate solutions with you if necessary. It is crucial that you ensure you:
    1. Qualify to take the course (Advanced Standing or 2nd year MSW program status)
    2. Register for courses on time and request permission codes in a timely manner
  12. Use the permission code within 2 weeks of your assigned registration date or you could lose your seat. If you are unable to use the code, please contact right away.

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Last Updated: 12/6/21